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Description: Ash and I were lost... or were we. After we took a wrong turn we pulled into a gas station and stumbled upon Amberi stressed out because she didnt know how to fix a flat. I checked it out for her after I introduced myself and I offered her my help. I told her I could get one of my friends out there to change the flat but it would take about an hour or so. I figured that would give me enough time to get her to my house and seal the deal. She agreed and I put the moves on her in my truck. She started blowing me as I drove to my house. She was very appreciative of my help and more importantly she was pissed that her husband ignored her calls and attempts at getting in touch with him to help her. Whatever the reason I was able to strip her down to her birthday suit and take a gander at her enormous clitoris. She was a buff broad and really pounded my cock hard with her big, solid ass.