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Description: It was Friday and I was with Mario. We were about to see if we could bag a nice Latina at the supermarket. No luck. So we were going to hit up blockbuster but as we were planning our attack outside we saw a nice Latina leaving. She was wearing a Uruguay hat… I’m from Uruguay so I felt like I had no choice but to get this chick to come home with us. It was my patriotic duty. So we followed her around this parking lot and got her to come over. I think she was a little shy and maybe annoyed at first. She wanted to know what we were doing and what we wanted. So I explained to her that we were working on a reality show. She seemed to buy it. She said her best friend was coming to pick her up and we told her to call them up and tell them that we were going to drop her off. She finally agreed and we took her with us. She told us she was here to maybe find a husband and workout her papers. I let her know that I was married but was going to get a divorce and could work something out with her. She was down and I was down to keep lying so I could get my dick all in her belly. We took her home and showed her around the house. She was quite impressed and I worked my usual magic. I talked her into getting naked and oiling herself up. Those came out and my cock was rock solid. This girl had a body to die for; big beautiful tits, nice flat stomach and a smooth little ass. We fucked like it was our last day on Earth but really it might have been her last day in the U.S. because I’m not marrying anyone!