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Glorious Faith with massive tits is doing it in front of the camera because it excites her a lot

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Description: Watch out in this classic jimslip scene, for the Tower of London in the background. The Royal fortress that has stood for over 1000 years! The only link between the Tower and Faith that I can think of, is that she she should be locked up inside for the offence of "Gross sluttishness with no shame!" With pockets stuffed full of chewing gum - which was the norm for the street girls at that time - she announced that she had never had an anal experience before. To be honest, I wasn't entirely convinced that she was telling the truth, but decided against challenging her on her claim. Anyway, as it transpired, it seemed that she hadn't been economical with the truth and I must now declare in my honest opinion it was I , James Horatio Slip who was the first to be invited to penetrate and conquer her tight bum!