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Description: Young Brooks came over the Richardsons to visit his best friend Mike but to his surprise Mike wasnt home. Mrs. Richardson was all home alone baking cookies for the family. horny and alone Mrs. Richardson too the opportunity of young unsuspecting cock knocking on the door and she offered to teach young Brooks how to bake some cookies. but she had other intentions in mind. as she gave him his baking lesson she mentioned how hot it was, soon after she began taking of her shirt and shorts. young brooks was shocked but did nothing to oppose what Mrs. Richardson was doing. she has been home alone all day and she needed this cock to quench her thrust for young dick. once she hopped on the counter Mrs. Richardson began putting some sweet whip cream all over her tits ass and poon. in which she asked young Brooks to lick it off her tight sexy body. once her did that the real fun began and Brooks began to fuck Mrs. Richardson like a the horny young buck that he is. fucking her on the counter ,floor ,and even over the kitchen sink. this is one lesson young Brooks will never forget. and it will be their little secret.