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Description: For boy wonder Dimitri Long, a date with Raquel Devine is worth a shirt and a tie. Raquel Divine pulls up in her blue convertible, huge tits in the air and very happy to see her young surprise. Long is a big fan of her work, especially her capabilities with a cock. She lets him drive her back to her new place. On the way, Devine gives him a little head for the road. The anxiety attack for some cock continues as Raquel blows Dimitri outside her place, in her place, all over the place, until she sits on his cock and rides him through. Devine gets fucked from behind with her legs up in the air, she loves this shit. Devine gets excited enough to give him a little mirror dance before she jumps back on the cock. When it's all said and done, Dimitri Long gives her a trail of cum for her Devine pussy.