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Curvaceous mature Aki Tomosaki receives an intense doggy style pounding

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Description: Big boobed Aki was walking home one morning from a sex party with her friends. She became tired and decided to hitch a ride. The man that picked her up liked her big Asian tits and drove her off past where she wanted to go and took her into the woods and screwed her . He made her walk around in her sexy lingerie so he could get really turned on and fucked her again. When he was done with her he took her for a walk on a leash by the side of the road with her big tits jiggling along as she went. She was quite a sight in her lingerie on all fours being walked like a dog! I am amazed that she would let anyone do this to her, especially in such a public place as a road! When I saw her the next day I had to question her on why she decided to let this guy treat her like a big titted dog, and she said she didn??t remember doing it!