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Description: Learning a new skill is always fun, for example learning how to play the piano can always be rewarding. Music is a great way to express yourself and with a good teacher learning how to play such a prestigious instrument can be fun. But for Jarod Diamond, this was one hell of a piano lesson he would never forget. His mom recommended Victoria Valentina to teach him how to play the piano. Victoria is an old College buddy of hers, this was just suppose to be a nice innocent piano lesson, but the Naughty Victoria had something else in mind. She was Horny and well, very attracted to Jarod. As she showed him a few basic notes she couldn’t resist the urge to have Jarod feel up all over her body and make sweet love to her. She decided to seduce unsuspecting Jarod; she had him rub on her big mature breast and she took it upon herself to teach Jarod how a real woman can satisfy a man. They fucked everywhere on the dining room table on the sofa even on the piano. This was one wild Piano lesson that neither would ever forget.