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Description: The gorgeous milf Cherie DeVille is very proud of her stepson Brad. His grades have greatly improved since his last report card. She promised Brad that he can have anything he wanted if his grades went up. Brad asks for a lap dance. Like the ones he uses to get from her back when she was a stripper before she starts dating his father. She lets him know that since his dad is out of town he can have way more than just a lap dance. She undresses, grabs his massive cock and starts to give him a deep and sloppy blowjob. Taking his shaft right to the back of her throat and drewling all over it. She gives it all for Brad. She even stuffs her panties into her pussy before giving them to him ass a reward. She goes on by stroking his thick member between her big juicy tits. The stunning babe then turns around and sticks her pussy right in Brad's face for him to have a taste of her sweet pink. Brad ends up releasing his nectar all over Cherie's beautiful face.