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Description: Poor poor Nikki. She seems to be having issues with her ex. Apparently he cheated on Nikki and she's depressed about it. She decides to head over to a restaurant/bar around her way for a bite and maybe a drink or two. Once she sits down the bartender arrives and notices her sad face. He asks her whats wrong and she replies she's a bit stressed out and sad about her whole situation. The bar tender feels her pain for he too had been cheated on before. She asks him about what he did once he found out and he tells her that he got back at his ex girl by fucking with her best friend. Nikki finds this idea to be a great one. He told her an eye for an eye so she hops up on the bar and begins flirting with the young 22 year old bartender. Who's going to turn down a hot ass MILF?!? They take the party to a secret spot with in the restaurant for a little fun. Nikki has a slim body with natural tits anyone would appreciate and she loooves to fuck them young. Enjoy!